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Polyester Engineering

Polyester Engineering

A PET continuous polymerization plant with a single line capacity of 600,000 TPA has been built.

The world’s first PET industrial fiber direct spinning plant has been built. 


In 2015, Huitong and Oerlikon Textile Holding Corporation jointly established Oerlikon Barmag Huitong (Yangzhou) Engineering Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as OBHE). The new company gives full play to the advantages of Oerlikon and Huitong in EPC, equipment, research and development and market in the field of polymerization and spinning. To provide global polyester, spinning users from polymerization to spinning advanced complete sets of equipment.

Huitong, initially specialized in technology transfer and engineering projects of the polyester field, whom was the first ever polyester engineering company in China.  Since the company was established, more than 10 million tons of PET polyester has been produced and provided to customer all around the globe. The varieties of products involves: great light, semi dull, full extinction, cation (CDP, ECDP), low melting point, flame retardant, water soluble, film grade, bottle, hot melt adhesive, engineering plastics and many others.

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Testing Plant

●    Huitong provides various polymers trial plants include batch and continuous type, which involves many varieties of polymer products such as polyester, nylon, degradable materials etc. Polyester solutions can be provided in accordance with customers’ needs.


Solid Phase Polymerization Technology

●    In a whole set of drum viscous equipment,a drum can be made up to 40m3; capable of performing various viscosification and polymers drying;
●    The capacity of single line production of solid phase polymerization (SSP)technology can reach up to 120 T/D。


Semi-continuous Polymerization Plant

●    The capacity of single line semi-continuous polymerization plant can reach 60T/D.;
●   Which is suitable for differentiated varieties, customers could make adjustment according to applicant market


Continuous Polymerization Plant

●    The capacity of single line continuous polymerization plant could reach 1800T/D;
●    Customizable options: process of 3 reactors, 4 reactors, 5 reactors or production of special variants


Liquid State Polymerization Technology

●    The capacity of single line with LSP tech can reach 120T/D;
●    Optional to Eliminate the SSP procedure;
●    Can be used for PET industrial yarn melting direct spinning, a technology that had been awarded with the second-class prize of National Technological Invention Award;
●    Can be used for improving the quality of recycled waste melts;
●   Can be used for viscosity and devolatilization of other polymers


Waste Recovery Technology

●   Huitong can provide complete set of devices and technology for polyester waste recovery with both physical and chemical method

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