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Engineering design


Huitong is qualified with Grade A engineering design certificate, in “Chemical,Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (Chemical Engineering)” (Certificate No: A232060603), whom also has other various qualifications and certificates include: engineering consulting,pressure pipe design, pressure vessel design and manufacturing (GB、ASME) etc.

Huitong Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd
Huitong Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Software support

Huitong is equipped with the latest and best software and hardware, capable of providing 100% qualified drawings. With hardware facilities such as HP large scale engineering drawing plotter, Colortrac large format engineering drawing scanning, Yanzhong blueprint machine, etc. Supporting advanced professional design software include: Auto CAD, HaoChen CAD, QP & ID, QPIPING 2D piping, PDMS 3D Piping, CADWORX plant 3D, CAESAR II, Aspen process simulation, SW6 V5.0, explorer TSSD structural design software, PKPM engineering and construction.

Talent team

With around 350 employees, we have 17 post-graduates, 109 undergraduates, 15 experts with senior technical titles and 99 with intermediate technical title. Technical expertise and skilled professions from multiple relevant fields has always been the strength of the company. There are 51 people with various kinds of registered qualifications, such as Class I/Class II registered construction engineer, Class I registered chemical engineer, Class I registered structural engineer, Class I registered electrical engineer, Class I registered public equipment engineer, Class I registered consulting engineer, etc. We have built an excellent team with high education, high skills and high quality to provide customers with general chemical design, proprietary technology supporting design, process package development, plant commissioning and start-up services.

Huitong Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

What can we do?

Huitong Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd

Huitong has nearly 30 years of experience in engineering design and construction of chemical projects,and has accumulated a lot of engineering technology and design experience in process optimization,energy saving and consumption reduction,investment saving,etc. Huitong can provide various engineering design and site supervision construction for customers in chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. 

Service ranges covers:

●  Technical Proposal, Project Feasibility Report
●  Power Transformation and Distribution Design
●  Development of Process Package
●  Industrial House Design
●  Device Safety Diagnosis and Technical Transformation

●   Chemical Process Design
●   Design of Pressure Vessel
●   Civil Building Design
●   Environmental Engineering Design
●   EPC, Project Management and Technical Consultation

●   Piping Design of Pressure Pipeline
●   Industrial Control Instrument and DCS Design Configuration
●   Design of Storage and Transportation Facilities 
●   Urban Landmark Building Design
●   Utility Design of Large and Medium Factories

During and after the execution of the capital works, Huitong will provide other services required for the installation and operation of the plant  Such as: 

●   Support / Assist customers to obtain necessary license documents
●   Performance Test

●   Attend HAZOP and Other Safety Conferences


●   Support for the run test